A study of the impact of BDS on the Israeli economy estimates the damage at 0.004%, while some companies benefit from the boycott.

From Globes…

Several years ago, I was invited to meet with executives from the Ministry of Strategic Affairs. One of the ministry’s main goals included “combating the delegitimization of Israel.” The purpose of the meeting was a study we conducted at the Financial Immunities company of the effect of BDS on the Israeli economy. To the best of my knowledge, the study we conducted, which began in 2010, was the only one of its kind. It was meant to determine to what extent the Israeli economy was being affected by the BDS organization. The study included queries to hundreds of senior executives of large companies from every economic sector. It was important to Financial Immunities as a company focusing on helping its clients in risk management at both the macro and micro levels, including an individual company.

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