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Save 50% to 70% on Prescription Drugs from Israel

By Howard I. Bernstein


Three web sites now offer highest quality prescription drugs from Israel, with savings of 50% to 70%. In addition, purchasing Israeli source drugs also provides an important boost for Israel’s citizens and economy.


Prescription drugs from Israel are kosher. Manufacturing standards of the Israeli pharmaceutical industry are among the highest in the world. Each tablet is packaged individually in hermetic blister packages, allowing relatively long expiration dates. The factories that produce the medicines are international accredited companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoWellcome, Astra-Zeneca, Teva and Taro.


The Israel source sites generally indicate that their prices are lower by an average of 50% as compared to American pharmacies or Medicare programs, and 10%-40% compared to other Western pharmacy sites.


IM(www.isrameds.com) is located in Israel and is a network of Israeli pharmacies, all properly accredited in Israel. Prescription medications are dispensed only by Israeli pharmacies. Live pharmacist consultation is readily available by phone.

Although an order may be initiated with a faxed prescription, goods will not be shipped until IM receives an original prescription by mail. You must authorize IM’s Israeli doctor to speak to your American doctor by signing a “Physician collaboration & medical record release form”. Only a pharmacist handles and distributes the medications. Consultation and advice is provided by Israeli pharmacists, using a toll free number.

IM donates 1.8% of all income to Israeli charities. American organizations can become “Affiliates” and collect a percentage of the revenue IM receives from the organization’s members. For specific information on the affiliate program, email Affiliates@IsraMeds.com.

IM is located at 10, Erlich St., Rechovot, Israel, 76429. The toll free numbers are: Phone – 1-866-477-2289, Fax – 1-888-477-2365. E-mail at sales@isrameds.com. Operates every day except Sabbath in Israel


MDM (www.magendavidmeds.com) has offices in Canada and Israel and is affiliated with qualified Israeli pharmacies authorized, by the Israeli Ministry of Health, to supply medications to the public. Prescription medications are dispensed only by Israeli pharmacies. Customer support is available by phone or by e-mail at support@magendavidmeds.com.

To order prescription drugs, it is required to complete not only an order form, but also a detailed “Patient Profile & Medical Information” form and a “Customer Legal & privacy Agreement” .Although an order may be initiated by fax or mail, goods will not be shipped until MDM receives your prescription by fax or by mail. Only pharmacists dispense the medications.

MDM is not affiliated in any way with the Israeli charity Magen David Adom, but does donate 5% of its sales to Israel based charities.

American organizations or community groups can work with MDM to develop a customized Affinity Partnership that will include a 5% rebate on the total purchases by members.

MDM lists its addresses as 603-11th Ave. SW, Suite 302, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2R-OE1 and 35 Jabotinsky Street, Suite 1310, Ramat Gan, Israel 52511. The toll free numbers are: phone – 1-877-232-8832, Fax – 1-877-232-8824. E-mail at ordersupport@magendavidmeds.com.


PILLC (www.pharmintl.com) is located in Carson City, Nevada, provides an online ordering system that routes a prescription to affiliated licensed pharmacies . Customer that want Israeli prescription drugs need to so specify, as PILLC also deals with pharmacies in other countries. Customer consultation is available toll free at 1-877-745-9217.

To order prescription drugs, it is necessary to provide an original prescription. A fax is not acceptable.

The Pharmacy International web site does not describe any rebate program for affiliated organizations. A three payment plan is available to qualifying customers for 90 day supplies at no extra charge.

PILLC is located at 2205 Arrowhead Dr., Carson City, Nevada 89706. Customer consultation is available weekdays and a half day on Saturday at telephone 877-745-9217, fax 775-882-5245.

Do not confuse PILLC with another Nevada service called Pharmacy International, Inc. (www.pharmacyinternational.com).


Additional information that is generally applicable to the three services described above is as follows:

  1. No narcotics, controlled substances of habit-forming medications are dispensed.
  2. Any order of a prescription medication is limited to a three-month supply. If a prescription allows refilling, refills can be ordered only every three months.
  3. Delivery generally takes 20-25 days after submission of an order.
  4. Expect to pay a shipping charge of about $15 per parcel. A parcel may contain several prescriptions if ordered at the same time.
  5. Credit card payment is accepted.
  6. A receipt will be provided so a customer can seek insurance reimbursement.
  7. Prescriptions come with appropriate information, instructions for use, and warnings.
  8. Various agreements and authorizations must be signed.
  9. The Medicare web site (www.medicare.org) provides price information for 52 medications for high blood pressure, allergies, arthritis, high cholesterol, and stomach ailments.. The prices cited are those available to seniors using Medicare drug-discount cards but do reflect prices differentials that exist in non-Medicare markets.
  10. Generic drugs may be substituted for brand name drugs. A customer may be able to insist on brand name drugs if desired.

It is prudent to order only those prescription medications for which your own physician has issued a prescription. Before ordering prescription medications from any online source, review the web site and all required documents, and compare prices. You can then order with confidence, save money, and help Israel.


You can find many other products, and the stores and web sites that sell them, by visiting www.buyisraelgoods.org, a web site developed and maintained by America-Israel Chamber of Commerce/Chicago (312-641-2937).

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