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Online Retailers

  • Yanush Furniture

    what a unique, beautiful line of furniture and more designed in Israel by using wine kegs. check out their site. Very impressive


    Wishes Tree, founded in Israel. is a master carpentry atelier specializing in premium quality extending tables made by a third generation craftsman.


    A master manufacturer that creates expanding and extending tables, custom made by a fifth generation craftsman.

  • Wal-Mart

    keter, zag


    a beautiful and unique company with lighting designs to brighten anyone's day. 3 Hatarucha St Tel Aviv, Israel 6350903 972 3 5469690


    Sometimes all it takes it a click of your finger to find just what you are looking for. There are quite a few household items that may fill your need.

  • Target

    Lotemplast, zag

  • SasaTech

    Automotive, industrial products Institutional cleaning products and homecare products.

  • Pottery Barn

    Beat of Knit products


    Modern home accessories & home decor, from ceramic vases, fruit bowls and candelabras, to throws, pillowcase sets & other decorative accents. Featuring cutting-edge modern home designers.

  • Linens N Things

    Lotemplast products

  • K-Mart

    Products from Keter, Zag


    Household product from Israel? Take a look!


    Detergent,cleaning products,and candles made in Israel. 718-336-7758 718-645-1213

  • Ifat Shterenberg

    Unique ceramic furniture created in Tel Aviv, Israel and shipped worldwide

  • Home Portfolio

    Jerusalem limestone and tile

  • Home Depot

    products from Keter, Lotemplast (bathroom decor), Smart Storage, Workforce, and ZAG


    A wonderful and unique planter system which is not only environmentally friendly, but can attach to virtually any size railing. They also offer other products worth checking out.

  • Lavi Furniture

    Beautiful Israel manufactured Synagogue furniture. Many creative design solutions shipped to U.S. Synagogues.

  • Design Within Reach

    Unique, contemporary modular Cubitec Shelving systems for home, retail shops or offices. Click on Shelving/Storage under DWR Exclusives.

  • Linen Outlet

    have Royal Sateen

  • Costco

    have Royal Sateen

  • Bloomingdales

    have Royal Sateen

  • Barkan Mounting Systems

    Superior systems for mounting LCD, Plasma and home entertainment screens and accessories.


    Ariel, an award winning designer has been developing and designing various furniture and products and started his own studio in 2010

  • Alony Marble

    Full and top line of Jerusalem stone materials.


    Beautiful pottery and serving pieces made in Israel. This is a site well worth checking out.

  • Macy's Home Store

    Havr Royal Sateen


    Beautiful tables made from wood. These can enlarge your eating area almost magically.

Local Stores that Carry Israeli Brands

Store Name Address City Phone
Adorned 275 Parkway Drive Lincolnshire (847)947-8165
Adorned 275 parkway Drive Suite 212 Lincolnshire 847-947-8156
Antiques Gallery 49 S. Washington St. Hinsdale (630) 887-8281
Architex International 3333 Commercial Ave. Northbrook (800) 621-0827
Ariquest Gallery7 40 S. Washington Hinsdale (630) 887-8281
Bloomingdale's 900 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago (312) 440-4460
Bloomingdale's 376 Old Orchard Shop. Ctr. Skokie (847) 675-5200
Cong. B'nai Tikvah Judaica Gift Shop 1558 Wilmot Rd. Deerfield (847) 945-0470
Congregation B'nai Tikvah Gift Shop 1558 Wilmot Rd. Deerfield (847) 945-0470
Design Within Reach 1574 N. Kingsbury St. Chicago (312) 482-8661
Design Within Reach 10 E. Ohio St. Chicago (312) 280-4677
Design Within Reach 1710 Sherman Ave. Evanston (847) 424-0881
Dreidels & More 67 E. Oak st. Chicago (312) 266-6620
Elevenzees 1901 W. Division St. Chicago (773) 772-1150
Lauren Coburn, IDS Residential Interior Design 175 E. Delaware Pl. Chicago (312) 337-7127
Northern Home Furnishings 4062 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago (773) 561-6910
Northern Home Furnishings Co. 4662 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago (773) 561-6910
NSCI Judaica Shop 1185 Sheridan Rd. Glencoe (847) 835-0885
Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies 610 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago (312) 322-1768
Trabert & Hoeffer 111 E. Oak St. Chicago (312) 787-1654
Woodland Grove Gallery 215 Robert Parker Coffin Rd. Long Grove (847) 883-8867
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Israeli Brands

Look for these Israeli brands at your local and online retailers:

  • Smart Storage
  • Sheds. Selles at Do It Best, Home Depot
  • Task Force
  • Tool Boxes. Selles at Lowe's
  • kitan
  • textile company manufactures leading brand name bed and bath collections.
    Shelving & storage items
  • Haifa Jerusalem Stone
  • Hardest, least porous and finest limestone in the world. Jerusalem limestone available at showrooms of Haifa, Inc. and through architects and designers.
  • Lotemplast
  • Doormats, Non-slip bathmats, Bath and shower enclosures, Greenhouses. Selles at Home Depot , Linens N Things , Marshall's , Target
  • Ladoro Shelving
  • Cubic or rectangular shelving kit for home or office. See at
  • Keter
  • Cabinets, Fishing Organizers , Saw Horses , Sheds , Shelving , Toolboxes. Selles at Ace Hardware , Costco , Home Depot , K-Mart , Lowe's , Orchard Supply Hardware , Sears Hardware , Wal-Mart
  • Royal Sateen
  • A registered trademark of Kitan. Bed Linens

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