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Israeli sellers of consumer products that primarily sell to other, more direct, sellers to consumers.

Online Retailers


    OTI is an outsourcing and staffing agency that specializes in providing U.S. based companies with professional American employees living and working in Israel. Combines the cost effectiveness of outsourcing to Israel with the quality of American employees. U.S. Tel: 847-677-6477

  • Net-Translators

    A leading Israel-based translation and localization company offering serivices in over 60 languages. Tel 408-501-8839

  • IsraelWTC

    Israel WTC provides an international business platform between Israel and the world. Member firms from Israel sell Israeli Fashion Designer Jewelry, Food, Cosmetics, Flowers, Toys & Games to consumers overseas. Email

  • www.Israel

    A large variety of Gifts and Judaica, cosmetic, health and beauty products, baby and child items and so much more. Definitely a site to explore

  • Ayehu eyeshare

    Secure, On-Premise IT Process Automation..eyeShare empowers your IT operation to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up scarce resources, and greatly improve service levels all at an affordable price point.

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