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    Dead Sea products from Israel, including Ahava, Laline, and other n ame brands

  • Walmart

    Walmart have "Fresh & Go" products

  • Walgreens

    Walgreens chain store have "Fresh & Go" products

  • S Schwartz Natural Cosmetics

    Natural cosmetic care, Dead Sea minerals, honey, olive oil and more

  • ShopIsraelToday

    Large selection of skin care products

  • Shop A Fada

    Ahava and other products, with 5% of sales donated to Magen David Adom.

  • Seacare

    SeaCare Group is an international cosmetics company that manufactures, distributes and markets advanced cosmetic and therapeutic products made of salt, mud and minerals of the Dead Sea, which healing properties have been known for thousands of years.

  • Sasa-Tech

    Dead Sea products, hand lotion, body lotion, foot products and more.

  • Sarah's Treasures

    Dead Sea Cosmetics by Obey Your Body, as well as Israeli & Jewish Gifts, and Israeli, Jewish & Mediterranean Jewelry, at sale prices

  • Safeway

    the Safeway chain sell "Fresh & Go" Products

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Market

    Rocky mountain Soap Market's salts are 100% pure, harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel. There are sea salt scrubs, soothing soaks, and detox soaks just to name a few. there are remedies for many different health needs plus beauty minerals.

  • Rockland Cosmetics

    several creams and skin care products manufactured in Israel. Some include: Careline, Natural Formula, Neca 7,Adam and Marvell

  • Ricky's

    The one stop super-shop for everything beauty since 1989, featuring AHAVA products.


    An addition to their hat online business. Rana now has a wide selection of cosmetics made in Israel.


    Psor-Medicor is used to help soothe and relieve psoriasis skin symptoms within a few days. Get Dead Sea results from the comfort of your home.


    Ahava products


    Mommy care is the leader in the development, production and marketing of natural organic baby skincare products for mother and baby.

  • Mommy Care

    High quality specially developed skin care products for pregnant and post-pregnant women, with particular emphasis on preventing stretch marks. Call 770-262-3194.

  • Marriot Hotels

    Their gift shops carry Ahava Products

  • Lavido of the Galilee

    A wonderful inventory of women's organic skin needs. Sold in over 500 stores in Israel alone. Now in the United States!

  • Lavan

    Face & body products for women and men. Targeted by anti-israel protestors, this store warrants you patronage.


    Moisturizing creams, body lotion, cleanser, mud mask, hand and foot creams, bath gift sets


    milk and honey soap handmade in the " Land Flowing With Milk and Honey"

  • Zipit

    Innovative branded cosmetic bags, each with a single long zipper.


    Have many kinds of products: wine, judaica, books, Jewelery cosmetics and more


    An array of skin care and beauty products manufactured in Israel using the wonders of the Dead Sea.

  • Izzy Maternity

    Mommy Care - Pregnancy and post pregnancy creams for stretch mark prevention, anti-aging, and diet.

  • Israel Shop

    Currently selling cosmetic products from Israel


    Dead Sea products of all kinds - profits donated to Israeli charities.


    Gel, shampoo and beauty products direct from Israel. 718-336-7758 718-645-1213


    cosmetics, books, judaica, DVD, jewelry, clothes and more

  • Holy Land Artifacts Shop

    Cosmetics, Toiletries, Health & Beauty Aids, Food, Judaica, Art, Books & Music

  • Holon Middle Eastern Food

    Hair and skin care products for adults and children

  • Great Holy Land Gifts

    Foods, cosmetics, art, jewelry, perfumes and anointing oils.


    Dietary supplements using only ingredients that have been heavily researched and whose safety and efficacy are well documented. Products include: Circulation Support, Omega 3, Super Antioxidant, and Olive Oil

  • www.Enriched

    Enriched Beauty, Inc. - Large selection of unique, high quality, original and beautiful Israeli jewelry. Made from gold, 925;sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

  • www.Enriched

    Skin and eye care products based on rich Dead Sea minerals that rejuvinate your skin.

  • Ein Gedi Cosmetics

    A world-leading manufacturer of biblical products from the Holy Land such as: Perfumes, Annointing oils, Candles, cosmetic products from the Dead Sea.


    Dead sea products

  • Dead Sea Cosmetics, Inc.

    Unbeatable prices on a vast and rich collection of the highest quality Dead Sea products of all kinds.


    Various dead sea products

  • Cosmetica-Israel

    Cosmetic brands made in Israel including: Moraz ,Lavido, and Dr Dabour. Much more information on their websites. Wonderful body care and facial cream products.


    jewelry, cosmetics, gifts from Israel

  • Blum Naturals

    Cleansing and moisturizing products for the face, hands and body. Individually wrapped creams, serums and masks.

  • Beauty HQ

    beauty and health products

  • Awakening Skin Care

    This is a company started out of Israel which develops skin products made from resources from the dead sea. The main development of products comes under the company:Olim Industries of Israel NA, LTD


    Israeli art, Holy Land clothing. jewelry, Dead Sea Cosmetics all designed and manufactured in Israel.


    From Israel, these natural soaps are carefully hand made and each reflect one of the many inspiring regions of this blessed country: Galillee, historic Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and the Negev!

  • AHAVA shop

    Ahava Dead Sea skin care products. Free shipping direct from Israel, lowest price guarantee

  • www.rina-hair.coil/

    Full service hair salon carrying cosmetics, toiletries and beauty aids.

  • Pharmaplus- Promenadein Thornhill Ontario, Canada

    Ahava Products

  • Belmon-Nurit Ltd

    Dead Sea products, beauty care, aromatic oils, Dead Sea minerals and salts and more.

Local Stores that Carry Israeli Brands

Store Name Address City Phone
Adorned 275 Parkway Drive Lincolnshire (847)947-8165
Bloomingdale's 900 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago (312) 440-4460
Bloomingdale's 376 Old Orchard Shop. Ctr. Skokie (847) 675-5200
Bravco Beauty Center 43 E. Oak St. Chicago (312) 943-4305
Elk Grove Dermatology 901 Biesterfield Rd. Elk Grove Village (847) 593-6222
Endo-Exo 2034 N. Halsted St. Chicago (773) 625-0500
Glam to Go 2002 W. Roscoe St. Chicago (312) 525-7004
Harmony Falls Day Spa 114 W. Main St. Mount Zion (217) 864-9178
Health-Mart Chicago 81 S. Milwaukee Prospect Heights (847) 419-0202
Lizette's 7154 183rd St. Tinley Park (708) 614-8244
Lord & Taylor 10 Old Orchard Shopping Center Skokie (847) 677-9000
Macy's 111 N. State St. Chicago (312) 578-8447
Macy's 835 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago (312) 335-7700
Macy's Oak Brook Mall Oak Brook (630) 684-2400
Macy's Old Orchard Skokie (847) 329-2700
Marshall's Chicago
Merz Apothecary 4716 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago (773) 989-0900
Merz Apothecary 111 N. State St. Chicago (312) 578-8447
Michael Thomas Salon & Day Spa 346 W. Half Day Rd. Buffalo Grove (847) 913-5555
Neiman Marcus 737 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago (312) 642-5900
Neiman Marcus 5000 Northbrook Court Northbrook (847) 564-0300
Neiman Marcus 6 Oakbrook Ctr. Oak Brook (630) 572-1500
Nine Muses 1390 Main St. Crete (708) 672-4446
Nordstrom 55 E. Grand Ave. Chicago (312) 464-1515
Nordstrom 77 Old Orchard Shopping Center Skokie (847) 677-2121
Parkway Drugs 2346 N. Clark St. Chicago (773) 549-2720
Sabon 1152 N. State St. Chicago (312) 981-1234
Sabon 108 N. State St. Chicago (312) 357-1234
Surrender 5225 N. Clark St. Chicago (773) 784-4455
Whole Foods Market For more Whole Foods - Chicago
Whole Foods Market 3300 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago (773) 244-4200
Whole Foods Market 1000 W. North Ave. Chicago (312) 587-0648
Wonders of Nature 726 S. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove (847) 229-9450
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Cosmetics, Toiletries, Health & Beauty Aids

Cosmetics, Toiletries, Health & Beauty Aids

Israeli Brands

Look for these Israeli brands at your local and online retailers:

  • Mommy Care
  • Skin care products, to prevent stretch marks, for pregnant and post-pregnant women
  • Anna Lotan
  • Skin cream, mud mask, moisturizer
  • Sabon
  • Skin and hair care products available in retail stores
  • Psoriasis-med
  • PsorMedicor is used to help soothe and relieve psoriasis skin symptoms within a few days. Get Dead Sea results from the comfort of your home.
  • Mineral Care Dead Sea Products
  • Mud soap, hand & foot cream, shower gel, body lotion, Dead Sea Salt & Mud, aroma salts - available only through Jewish Broadcast Network.
  • Hlavin
  • Have different brands produced by company. Check their website for more information about their products.
  • Ahava
  • Extensive product line.
  • Natural Sea Beauty
  • Extensive line of Dead Sea products
  • Studio 35
  • Disposable shavers made in Israel. Many types, from single edge to triple edge. Sold in all Walgreen Stores, and on Amazon.
  • Dead Sea Premier
  • Dead Sea skin and hair care products with age-defying benefits and therapeutic powers.
  • Dead Sea Premier
  • Dead Sea Premier line that is world-renowned for its age-defying benefits, therapeutic powers, and exquisite packaging. Results are remarkable and immediate. Contact: 1-800-594-SKIN. Vizit their online shop for product.
  • Kidron Soap
  • Cosmetics
  • Jericho Cosmetics -
  • Complete line of cosmetic & therapeutic Dead Sea products
  • Blum Naturals
  • Cleansing and moisturizing products for you face, hands and body. products are creams and serums, individually packaged.
  • Olea Essence
  • Body, eye and face creams made from olive oi without any chemicals or preservatives. From Capernaum Vista Olive Farms, an agricultural enterprise.

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