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Monna Young Nov 11th, 2:14pm If you've never heard of us before: Hello from Sussex Friends of Israel! We are a group who have just started up in response to intense and aggressive demonstrations in our town, by the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement outside shops that sell Israeli produce. Upset and disturbed by weekly harassment, chanting and shouting of lies and hatred by these activists outside these shops, members of the Jewish and Christian community of Brighton began a counter-protest, forming the group which is now known as Sussex Friends of Israel. We've just passed our second anniversary since we first started counter-protesting against the BDS, giving out pro-Israel leaflets, holding our own rallies, talking and engaging the public and giving them another narrative and another side to the story. Members from all religions and backgrounds have thanked us for being a presence in Brighton, UK,, not only because they have also experienced harassment by the BDS and other groups, but because they feel marginalised and threatened by such a divisive, loud and aggressive movement on their streets. Would you visit and Like (or/and Share?) our page and thus support our small but ever growing online community which aims to promote and share the truth about Israel and the wider Jewish Community? Here is Sussex Friends of Israel’s link! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sussex-Friends-Of-Israel/521248807933259?fref=ts


The Israel Conference™ is a business event showcasing the vibrancy and innovativeness of the Israel market by bringing together Israel-facing companies from start-ups to global brands. Our unique programs and high-calibre attendees make this the only conference of its kind. We draw attendees from over 30 countries to rub shoulders with senior executives representing over $200B in aggregate revenues and to speak with VCs who attend representing over $20B in investable capital. Come to Israel by being in Los Angeles and be a part of the business access, networking, and deal-making to hear from over 70 speakers across two days in Los Angeles The Israel Conference™ is co-founded by Yossi Vardi, considered the ‘godfather of Israeli high-tech and known as the pioneer of Instant Messaging along with Sharona Justman, Managing Director of STEP Strategy Advisors. For more information, email theIsraelconference.org


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5muyjf1mlOk highlight the above link to open. very interesting video


Flexi Floss Ltd. announced its new product - the Gummy Floss. The Gummy Floss is an innovative dental hygiene device, custom designed with comfort and hygiene in mind to overcome the challenges of acquiring and maintaining good oral hygiene habits, making flossing fun, pain-free and comfortable. The Gummy Floss is a flexible floss, made of medical-grade silicone rubber with easy thumb grips. The choice of material ensures flexibility and smoothness, which allows for easier use without compromising on results and oral hygiene. The Gummy Floss is perfect for the entire family but especially suited for children (even with transition dentition - a mixture between baby/primary teeth and adult teeth) and comes in fun colors and added flavors. "The Gummy Floss is a premium product with many prominent advantages in comparison to commonly used intra-dental cleaning products", said Dr. Erella Pines (D.D.S), Co-Founder at Flexi Floss Ltd. Many people who got to experiment with the Gummy Floss have already reported their satisfaction with it. The floss itself has micron ridges so it is not completely 'smooth' thus allowing for good cleaning and removal of plaque, food residues and other debris from between the teeth. When you use it, you simply hold it by the loops, insert it between the teeth pull gently back and forth and then pull out. You wash the Gummy Floss under the tap and then repeat for the next set of teeth until you've finished your entire mouth. Then you throw it away. Gummy Floss is currently available for early bird orders on the company's Indiegogo campaign.The Company hopes to raise enough funds to be able to bring the Gummy Floss to the market for everyone to enjoy and have a happy healthy smile. Founded in 2013 in Israel by a team of experts, Flexi Floss has developed and patented (pending) the first-ever flexible silicone dental floss - the Gummy Floss. The Gummy Floss offers a solution that will make flossing more comfortable and accepted by a larger part the population. www.gummyfloss.com

Look At Your Bar Codes

Not Just A Number Url code for IsraelThe number 729 at the beginning of a pricecode has great meaning for our support of Israeli made products. Of course you can check an origin of a product by reading its label: Made in Israel, made in the USA,etc. Every item we purchase has a code on the packaging. When we purchase something this code filled with numbers offers more than the item's price. It also tells you which country manufactures the product or food. It is important to know that there are many anti Israel groups and countries who are using these codes as a means of boycotting Israel. Well, what better way of showing our support for Israel than to make ourselves familiar with the number 729 and purchase these items? If you search the internet you will find a large amount of companies and manufacturers who support Israel. Unfortunately those same individuals asking for a boycott are targeting these companies too. Take some time, search the web, and when you go shopping support those who support Israel and look for # 729. Let's make it our goal to use any resources out there to help support Israel and its economy. Written by Leslie Leiter at Buy Israel Goods

How Can You Help Israel?

During these difficult times, when we can give less to help others, the Israeli organizations that rely on U.S. donations are struggling like never before. The drop in the value of the U.S. dollar means charitable donations buy far less than in the recent past. And with food prices soaring worldwide, the numbers of truly poor, keep rising. The ripple effect from the U.S. financial crisis is devastating to charities and businesses in Israel. Israel's economy has recovered admirably, but there is still suffering and crushing poverty in much of the country. Self defense is expensive. Rebuilding war-ravaged lives, homes and businesses requires support. Most social services have been reduced drastically. Over 1.6 million people in Israel live below the poverty line. One in every three Israeli children is growing up poor- without enough food, without dental care, or shoes that fit. This store is our small attempt to make a difference. Our goal is to make high quality Israeli products easier to find and purchase for U.S. consumers. We urge our customers to support both America and Israel by purchasing MADE IN U.S.A. and MADE IN ISRAEL products whenever possible. Conscious spending for everyday needs in this way helps good people keep their jobs. It is a simple way to help counter the economic damage done by terrorists. Our warehouse is in Baltimore, so you wont have to wait weeks or pay exhorbitant shipping rates to buy MADE IN ISRAEL items. Please browse through our wonderful selection of THOUSANDS of useful, affordable and beautiful items, with favorite brands like Ahava, Dr. Fischer, Elite, Osem, Halutza, Neca 7, Ayala Bar, Yair Emanuel, Natural Formula, Safed Candles, and with hard-to-find items from small manufacturers and artists too. 100% of net profits from our internet sales are donated to Israeli charities. Israelproducts.com


Malka Beer has become the first brand of Israeli craft beer to become available in the United States, and Illinois is now one of the first US markets to support it, distributed by Chicago owned and operated Louis Glunz Beer and imported by Sublime Imports. Located in the upper Galilee town of Yehiam (pronounced YEH-HEE-YAHM), at the foot of the 12th century Montfort Castle, Malka is one of the first micro-breweries in Israel. Malka maintains a tradition of hand-crafting small batches of beer, specializing in traditional Belgian, German, and English styles while imparting a local Israeli twist-using natural water from the Ga�aton Springs and local flavors. You can discover more about Malka Beer via their website: http://malkabeer.co.il/en/ Questions about where to find Malka Beer can be directed to your favorite local craft beer retailer and/or their distributor: Louis Glunz Beer via phone or email: (847) 676-9500 and info@glunzbeers.com

American Business Thrives in Israel

Amazon announced during a visit to Israel in October ,"We are setting up in Israel to support our cloud activity". Amazon's service and sales center, to open in 2014, will also service the Middle East and Africa. General Motors' Israel R&D facility is working on a self driving, self parking car that decreases the number of auto accidents. Asurion Corporation, a provider of technical support to the wireless phone industry, brought Israeli high-tech startup Soluto for$130 million. (Assaf Glad, Al-Monitor; David Shamah, Times of Israel; Orr Hirschauge, Ha'aretz)


An Israeli study funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation clears a major barrier to enabling safe transplants between species. By Abigail Klein Leichman July 30, 2013, Insulin is made in the islet cells of the pancreas (highlighted). Alpha-1, a natural blood protein that fights inflammation, protects transplanted animal pancreatic islets – where insulin is produced – from rejection by the human body when used in combination with another anti-rejection therapy, according to an Israeli study financed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This discovery, reported in the journal PLoS ONE in May, could open the door to successful islet transplants from mammals, such as pigs, for Type 1 diabetes patientsType 1 diabetes affects an estimated three million people in the United States alone. The disease results from a problem with the production or distribution of the hormone insulin, which carries glucose to the body’s cells for energy. Insulin is made in the islet cells of the pancreas, and transplants of healthy human islets have successfully allowed recipients to stop using injected insulin on a daily basis. However, because there aren’t nearly enough human donors, regulatory agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration have approved clinical trials using islets from pigs. Here, the problem is not availability but the human body’s aggressive immune response against tissue from another species. This is why the study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev scientists Eli C. Lewis, Efrat Ashkenazi, Boris M. Baranovski and Galit Shahaf is so significant. Combination therapy is the charm Lewis and his team at the Clinical Islet Laboratory in the department of clinical biochemistry and pharmacology already showed that alpha-1 protects human islet grafts from rejection by the recipient’s body. Next, they tested its effectiveness in protecting against rejection of non-human transplants. But their attempts failed, even when they tried increasing the dosage of alpha-1. Not willing to give up, the Israeli team studied microscopic changes inside graft samples and determined that alpha-1 might simply need help in order to overcome the strong immune response to inter-species grafts. This approach is called combination therapy. The scientists decided to try an existing technique, temporary T-cell depletion, which commonly is used just prior to organ transplantation. BGU’s team found that, on its own, temporary T-cell depletion only delays graft rejection. When temporary T-cell depletion therapy was combined with alpha-1 in an experiment on lab mice, islet grafts from a different species were indeed accepted. “This approach may be applicable in the near future for the purpose of pig-to-human islet transplantation, a procedure currently examined in several clinical trials around the world,” said Lewis. Israel21c


Inspiro Medical’s Inspiromatic, invented by the father of a child with asthma, passed a critical clinical study and now seeks partners for development. A smart dry-powder inhaler for children, developed by Israeli mechanical engineer Nimrod Kaufmann with Dr. Guy Steuer, senior pulmonologist at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikvah, just completed a successful clinical trial at Schneider. The Inspiromatic device. Inspiromatic is produced by Inspiro Medical, a portfolio company of The Trendlines Group, and is meant to take the place of hard-to-use nebulizers for young children as well as the elderly and people with certain disabilities. Kaufmann, who came from a background in medical devices research and development, knew that dry-powder inhalers do a better, faster job with less risk of error and contamination, but kids in particular can’t use them properly. Inspiromatic has an internal microcontroller and flow sensor that detects the right time to deliver the medication and automatically disperse the drug particles in the right size without need for forceful inhalation. The randomized, crossover, double-blind study aimed to objectively assess the efficacy and safety of Inspiromatic in delivering bronchodilator meds to 30 children with asthma, aged 8-18, compared to a competitive inhaler already on the market. According to a company statement, the results demonstrated superior results for the Inspiromatic, even in patients with poor inhalation technique, and it was highly rated by patients for ease of use. “This successful study will enable us to move to the next step in the company development and partner with pharmaceutical companies to develop drug-device combinations and also bring better therapy to patients with poor inhalation technique,” said Kaufmann. By: Abigail Klein Leichman 6-10-13


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Some hotels and caterers tend to resist serving Israeli wine. It is necessary that you insist, follow up, and put it in writing. Be sure it is understood that your instructions apply to both the bars before the event dinner and to table service.

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